At P&N, we know our team of skilled professionals is one of our two greatest assets (the other is our clients). Their wealth of knowledge in their respective technical areas, merged with years of experience, enables us to provide our clients with the dedicated attention and service you would expect from a smaller firm, but with the experience, knowledge, and resources larger firms are known for.

It is our goal that clients select us because of the quality of our people. With 35 directors and 34 associate directors, supported by a robust team of managers, seniors, and staff, P&N’s professionals provide insight and assistance in achieving your overall goals.


Our Directors are the foundation of the firm, leading our team in providing clients with up-to-date information and proactive client service. We believe that their combination of technical knowledge, experience, and passion sets them apart in our industry.

George P. Balhoff, CPA, CITP, FHFMA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance, Consulting, P&N Tech
William Balhoff, CPA, CFF, CGMA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Chad M. Becnel, CPA, CITP, CGMA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Robert B. Brickman, CPA Metairie Accounting & Assurance
Tabatha Broussard, CPA Baton Rouge Tax
Lynne Burkart, CPA, CIA, CGAP, CFSA, CRMA, CGMA Metairie Accounting & Assurance
Aaron Cancienne, CPA Metairie Accounting & Assurance
Sharon Cassiere, CPA, CFP® Metairie Tax
Rodney Combs, CPA, CGAP, CFSA, CGMA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Keith Crews, CPA Baton Rouge Tax
Tiffani Dorsa, CPA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
David Edmond, CPA Lafayette Tax
Dan Gardiner, CPA.CITP, CGMA Baton Rouge P&N Consulting
Elaine Garvey, CPA Metairie Accounting and Assurance
Philip Gunn, CPA, CGMA Metairie Accounting & Assurance
Brook Harvey, CPA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Kelly C. Hidalgo, CPA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Bonnie Hunt Marcantel, CPA, CCIFP Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Brandon Lagarde, CPA, JD, LLM Baton Rouge Tax
Jon LeBlanc, CPA Baton Rouge Tax
Michael L. LeBlanc, CPA Donaldsonville Accounting & Assurance
Jason MacMorran, CPA/ABV/CFF CVA, MS Baton Rouge P&N Consulting
Vincent Milano, CPA, CGMA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
David J. Moore, CPA, CFE, CFF Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Thomas C. Naquin, CPA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Jake Netterville, CPA Baton Rouge Tax
H. Bland O'Connor, CPA, CAE Baton Rouge P&N Association Management
John Piland , CPA, CGMA Baton Rouge Tax Services Group
Robin E. Pilcher, CISA Baton Rouge P&N Consulting
Randall A. Plaisance, CPA Baton Rouge Tax
William C. Potter, CPA, JD Baton Rouge Tax
Gina Rachel, CPA Metairie Tax
Wm. Steve Sandahl, CPA Baton Rouge Tax
Brandy Smith, CPA, CGAP Metairie Accounting & Assurance
Freddy Smith, CPA, CGMA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Laura Soileau, CIA, CPA, CFE, CRMA, CGMA, CCSFP Baton Rouge Consulting
Brian J. Stagg, CPA Baton Rouge Tax
Mark D. Staley, PMP Baton Rouge P&N Consulting
Edgar S. Starns, CPA, PFS Baton Rouge Tax
Ralph J. Stephens, CPA/ABV, JD, CFF Baton Rouge Tax
Todd Tournillon, CPA Metairie Accounting & Assurance
Candace E. Wright, CPA, CFF Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance

Associate Directors

Blending years of practice with the most current understanding of important financial and business issues, our associate directors are leaders within our firm as well as within our industry.

Janet M. Arnold, CPA Baton Rouge Tax
Mary Bailey, CPA Donaldsonville Accounting & Assurance, Tax
Cheryl Bartley, CPA Lafayette Tax Services Group
Steve Bearry, CPA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Drew Blanchard, CIA Baton Rouge Consulting
Gregory Booth, CPA Metairie Tax
Paul Douglas, CISA Baton Rouge Consulting
Gary Dressler, CPA Metairie Tax
Tom Elliott, CPA, CGMA Lafayette Accounting & Assurance
Suzanne Giroir, CPA Donaldsonville Accounting & Assurance
Ingrid Glodd, CPA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Lauren Hensgens, APAC Baton Rouge Consulting
Corey Jambon, CIA, CRMA, PMP Metairie Consulting
Temika Jones, CISA, CIA, CRMA Houston Consulting
Anela Krivic, CIA, CRMA Baton Rouge Consulting
Scott LaCaze, CPA Metairie Tax
Richard Latiolais, CPA Lafayette Tax
Conrad Lin, CPA, CIA Metairie Accounting & Assurance
Tommy Maginnis, CPA Metairie Accounting & Assurance
Abby McCurry, CPA, CIA, CFE, CGMA, CRMA Baton Rouge Operations
Don McLean, Jr., CPA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Stephen Mehaffey, CPA, JD Baton Rouge Tax
Dustin Mire, CAPM Baton Rouge Consulting
Luke Myers, CPA.CITP, CGMA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Michael Nunnery, CPA Baton Rouge Tax
Melissa Peroyea, CPA, CIA, CHFP Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Krystal Pertuit, Baton Rouge Consulting
Tuan Pham, Baton Rouge Consulting
Gail Pittman, CPA Baton Rouge Tax
Kathryn Pittman, JD Baton Rouge Tax
Daryl Porta, CPA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Richard Roberts, CPA Baton Rouge Tax
Allyson Sadler , CPA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Bill Spann, Baton Rouge P&N Consulting
Amanda Strebeck, CPA Baton Rouge Accounting & Assurance
Katherine Torres, CIA Metairie Consulting
Ben Vance, CPA, ABV Baton Rouge Consulting
Rebecca Walker, CPA Baton Rouge Tax
Helene Wall, Baton Rouge Consulting
Jennifer Zerangue, CPA Metairie Accounting & Assurance