P&N CADA and Claims Management Services


P&N strives to be the leading Court Appointed Disbursing Agent (CADA) in the Gulf-coast region. Our considerable experience in providing litigation services has helped us to develop a full-service settlement fund practice that satisfies the full spectrum of CADA needs, including legal matters, process management, tax filings, accounting services, and disbursements.

Our experience combined with the resources of the largest accounting and business advisory firm in Louisiana has given us the knowledge and ability to create a process that we believe can help the legal community drive out inefficiency, reduce cost, and manage risk.


»Pre-settlement Services (+) view more

  • Project Planning (scope, timeline, budget)
  • Development of claim forms and claimant questionnaires
  • Class notifications & mailouts
  • Tracking of class opt-outs
  • Acting as liaison to the court and other stakeholders
  • Review settlement agreement
  • Determine taxability & entity

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»Claim Processing & Data Management (+) view more

  • Website hosting , design, and maintenance
  • Management, storage, and preservation of claims forms and legal documents
  • Traditional (paper) claims processing and data entry (available on-site)
  • Online claims submission and processing
  • Claims authentication, data cleansing, and duplicate identification
  • Fraud testing and forensic review
  • Document scanning, imaging, and record retreival
  • Statistical reporting
  • Identification and location of class members (address mapping & geocoding)
  • Custom database design, development, and maintenance
  • Allocation methodology development & calculation
  • Attorney-client contract review and documentation

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»Settlement Fund Disbursement & Reporting (+) view more

  • Claimant allocation notifications
  • Claimant objection processing and communications
  • Objection hearing process management and testimony
  • Attorney fee and expense calculations
  • Comprehensive fund allocation reporting
  • Quality assurance and quality control procedures
  • Settlement fund disbursement and cash management
  • Comprehensive accounting and tax services
  • Unclaimed property filings

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»Client Service & Call Center (+) view more

  • Live (toll-free) customer support
  • Ongoing claimant inquiry assistance
  • Claimant contact information updates

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»Litigation & Advisory Services (+) view more

  • Special Master assistance
  • Subject matter & expert witness testimony
  • Arbitration & mediation assistance
  • Calculation of damages

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We have assembled a group of qualified, credentialed professionals that includes Juris Doctors (JD), Project Management Professionals (PMP), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), Certified Internal Auditors (CIA), and more. Our team can provide a plan to ensure proper determination of entitlement amounts, a system to provide relevant data on a timely basis, safeguards for security of data, efficient operations at reasonable costs, process reviews, claim process design and management, client communication protocols, award distribution, and document fulfillment. 



P&N has worked on settlement funds ranging from 2,500 to over 12,000 claims since 1999. Some of our recent experience is detailed below.


Year Settlement Name Total Claims Processed
2011 Texaco Gas Settlement Current 
2011 LA Fiber Optic Settlement (Entergy) Current 
2011 FEMA Trailer (Non-Lit) Current 
2010 FEMA Fleetwood Current 
2009 Cooper Class Action Current 
2009 Myrtle Grove Trailer Park 4,694
2008-09 Honeywell July 2003 Settlement 12,634
2008-09 Brusly Barge 3,876
2008 Allied Signal Cedarcrest -
2008 Vulcan April 2001 Settlement 3,930
2007 Allied Signal Southworks 5,961
2006-07 Aldana Site Clean up -
2006-07 Allemania (Oldham) 2,554
2006 Reddy Ice 11,143
2004 Zen-Noh Grain Release 1,340
2003-07 LA Norm Site Clean up -
2003 PCS Nitrogen (Geismar Release) 2,300
2003 Mobile Home Sales Tax Refund 3,692
2003 DSI I-110 Spill 3,754
2001 DSI Chippewa Street Spill 3,650
2001 Vietnamese Fisherman License Refund 600
1999 Georgia Gulf Mass Tort 1,750