P&N CADA and Claims Management Services

P&N provides clients with comprehensive class action claims and data management solutions. Our clients appreciate our responsiveness, attention to detail, and commitment to value-added services. Our ability to innovate and utilize our experience enables us to tackle class settlements and legal notice programs head-on.

P&N designs and implements concise, well-organized solutions to administer basic to highly complex class action settlements, allowing us to efficiently and accurately process claims involving hundreds of thousands of claimants and billions of dollars in settlement funds.


P&N provides a full spectrum of innovative services for administering class action settlements. Coupling a defined project management methodology with robust settlement management tools, P&N has developed a process that increases efficiency and reduces costs.

With more than 600 employees with diverse skills and backgrounds, P&N has the resources to offer end-to-end class action administration services. These services are customizable and scalable, based on the size of the case and the specific needs of the settlement.

  • Pre-settlement Services
  • Legal Notification
  • Client Service & Call Center
  • Claim Processing & Data Management Services
  • Settlement Fund Disbursement & Reporting
  • Litigation & Advisory Services

Visit our P&N Class Action Services website for more information about our services.


With more than 300 employees dedicated to class action services, and 600 resources firm-wide, P&N offers a highly scalable, diverse team of professionals who are experienced, trained and certified in multiple disciplines. Our team members include attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Project Management Professionals, Certified Internal Auditors, credentialed information technology specialists, and others.


Since 1999, P&N has been implementing and managing billions of dollars in class action settlements, ranging in size from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of claimants. Our team has experience in a wide spectrum of industries including securities, financial services, insurance, healthcare, government, construction, oil and gas, employee benefits (ERISA), and others allowing our team to successfully administer a wide variety of settlements, including antitrust consumer credit, product liability, environmental, labor and employment, insurance, healthcare, and others.

The following current and recent examples are representative of our range of experience:

  • Deepwater Horizon Economic and Property Damages Settlement
  • Dairy Feed Settlement (Burford et al. v. Cargill, Inc.)
  • FEMA Trailer Formaldehyde Product Liability Litigation (MDL No. 1873)
  • Honeywell Settlement
  • Louisiana Fiber Optic Litigation
  • Texaco Gas Settlement

For more information on our experience with these and other cases, please visit our P&N Class Action Services website.