Project Management Services

P&N brings a unique perspective to managing client projects by combining a deep understanding of business operations with powerful technical resources and a team of experienced project managers. Our project management approach begins with examining the underlying issues behind your need to make changes within your operations. Our project management team is dedicated to managing and leading your project to completion in the expected time frame and budget. We provide services ranging from full Project Management Office (PMO) duties to functional support in specific project management knowledge areas.



Our goal is to provide our clients with a top-quality, reliable project management resource that can expand and contract as your needs evolve.

Companies spend a lot of time, money and effort managing projects that end up failing 70% of the time. Because more than 90% of project failures are due to poor planning, utilizing the experience and tools of a project manager are critical to improving the likelihood of success of internal projects.

We also understand that companies’ needs for project managers evolve over time, making it a challenge for organizations to hire, retain, and efficiently use experienced project managers with appropriate and relevant skills sets. This is why our firm offers clients a full-service project management service line. It provides the flexibility to expand and contract team sizes based on current needs, as well as diversity in technical skills and industry knowledge.

Our vision is to be the leading professional services consulting firm in the gulf south for providing portfolio, program, and project management services and sourcing that adhere to the standards published by the Project Management Institute. Our firm is focused on staffing top talent as permanent employees who provide various levels of services to our clients based on responsibility level and experience.



From project initiation to planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing, P&N provides valuable project oversight and management for scope, time, and cost. We help ensure success of the project in the following major categories.

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Because of our professionals' extensive experience managing projects of varying size and scope, we understand that the success of initiatives is highly dependent on the activities that take place before the project, as much as during and afterwards. You cannot afford to invest in a new project without taking the necessary steps to ensure that it is well thought-out, documented, and communicated. As part of the planning process, the following activities will occur, helping to ensure that the end result meets your expectations and your needs.

  • Mapping out all project deliverables and activities at the onset of the project
  • Assessing potential risks and roadblocks and evaluating alternative routes for success
  • Establishing appropriate expectations, a realistic budget, and a practical timeline

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Most of the resources on internal projects have responsibilities other than those that are project-related. Competing priorities can cause delays, budget issues, and loss of focus. A dedicated project manager can reduce these issues by:

  • Providing clear and concise communications to all project team members and stakeholders
  • Managing risks and providing solutions to issues
  • Monitoring project scope, schedule, budget, and resources
  • Facilitating timely status reviews to ensure milestones are achieved

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If a project has gone off track without a dedicated resource, our team can step in to help steer you in the right direction. No matter the status of a project, our team can help by:

  • Assessing the value of the current project status and progress
  • Developing a comprehensive plan to refocus on priorities & objectives and communicate to stakeholders
  • Revitalizing team chemistry and building trust
  • Identifying problem areas and building on lessons learned to bypass future mistakes

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Based on the industry standard Project Management Body of Knowledge ® (PMBOK), P&N employs a proven project management methodology to each engagement to ensure the delivery of a successful product within the time, scope, and cost requirements.  While the approach and overall methodology of project management remains constant across engagements, areas of emphasis within each of the project phases is evaluated for each individual project to ensure the proper process is employed in completing the task and achieving the milestones for that phase. 

P&N also recognizes the importance of project management processes in relation to the component phases of a project lifecycle, and successfully integrates project management standards with project lifecycle methodologies to deliver defined objectives and organizational results.  



Quality is the overall guiding force behind everything P&N does. From our work product, to our processes, to the development of our staff, we put everything we have into ensuring quality because we understand that it is a critical component of meeting client expectations.