How to Survive an ACA Audit

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Live Webinar

With changes coming to the Affordable Care Act, make sure you are in compliance and have policies in place to survive an audit.


With the first Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting deadline behind us, now is not the time to lose focus as we are entering a crucial time in which HR managers, payroll administrators and other benefit professionals can help protect their employer and clients from penalties in the event of an ACA audit. Ensure that your policies and procedures mitigate audit inquiries from various federal agencies. Documentation and record retention will be the key to minimizing potential penalties.


Learning Objectives

- You will be able to review Federal agencies.

- You will be able to discuss record retention.

- You will be able to explain employee communications.

- You will be able to identify Social Security number errors.

***Note: This is a live webinar presented offered through Lorman and presented by P&N professionals Stephen Meffany and Jacob Guinn. Costs may be associated with attending the webinar. 


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