P&N is now EisnerAmper

Effective May 21, 2023, P&N has joined EisnerAmper. Read the full announcement here.

Publicly Traded Companies

Keeping operations strategic and organized under increasing pressure.

Going public means that your organization has access to leverage the financial markets to raise capital for new projects or expansions. Although there are a number of advantages of being a publicly traded company, public companies are held to complex and ever-changing reporting and regulatory requirements. Public companies also face pressures from shareholders to perform, expectations from the board, and requirements from the Public Companies Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

At P&N, we understand that public companies require a different approach than private companies. Our team works with public companies from a variety of industries and backgrounds, providing our clients with the technical knowledge to help guide them through complex regulations.

P&N has served public companies for many years, helping clients overcome issues related to external or internal audits, risk assessments, SEC reporting, Sarbanes-Oxley testing, information technology control testing, and more. Our skilled professionals have the industry knowledge to help your public company continue to thrive and maintain transparency to your stakeholders. Whether you’re considering going public, need assistance with financial reporting and internal controls, or are looking to improve shareholder value, P&N’s public companies team can help you reach your goals.

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