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Consulting Services, Technology Services • Published 6/28/2019 3 New Approaches for the Data-Driven Finance Leader


The role of a finance leader is evolving. A traditional finance leader was somewhat of a historian. All he or she had to do was take care of the precision and accuracy in the day-to-day. This finance leader captured history and tried to predict the future using the past.

But in today’s world, finance leaders are doing more than record-keeping and capturing history. They are leading the company in growth and strategy. Data is becoming available in real-time and decisions must be made in real-time. For these finance leaders, it is no longer just about debits and credits, or yet another spreadsheet.

Today’s finance leaders are supporting and even driving adoption of new approaches and new technologies that are transforming their organizations. The following article from Sage Intacct illustrates how finance leaders are rethinking their roles -- serving their organization strategically and operationally through the use of higher-quality reporting and analytics.

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