Technology Services • Published 7/12/2018 3 Things Hackers Want From Your Company (and how you and your employees can thwart them)


Hackers are more sophisticated, destructive and globally dispersed than ever before. And it’s no surprise that money is still their primary motivation. However, organizations are often unaware of the latest channels in which cybercriminals lurk.

Before you and your employees can stop hackers, it’s critical to know what they want from you.

#1: They want your computing resources

In 2016, hacked cameras were behind the massive cyberattack that crippled Twitter, Spotify, Amazon, Netflix and other global websites. If these resource-rich organizations can be hacked in this way, so can yours.

Do this: Educate staff on how hackers won’t hesitate to use the company’s own IoT-enabled devices against the organization. Also, know your risk tolerance. Get a cybersecurity risk assessment from a trusted IT consultant.

#2: They want your employees’ personal data

It’s becoming more common for cybercriminals to target individual employees within an organization. For example, hackers will attack your company’s self-service portal to phish for employees’ user names and passwords. Hackers can even direct employees’ paychecks to automatically deposit into their own accounts.

Do this: Turn your employees into human firewalls. Let it be known that it’s not just company data that must be protected—it’s their own. Enforce a clear IT policy that includes cyber safety education, including consistent password changes, awareness of phishing scams and unsafe websites.

#3: They want your corporate secrets

We’ve all read the news. Hacking armies throughout the world are growing. While money is often the end game, so is the power that comes from capturing corporate secrets. Not only do they want to steal your company’s private information, they want your clients’ data, too.

Do this: Stop thinking lone wolf hackers in a basement and start thinking armies of global cybercriminals. Hacking organizations are multiplying, and your IT policy needs to reflect it. Start with a full risk assessment and deploy a comprehensive, multilevel cybersecurity program.

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