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Case Study, Consulting Services • Published 8/21/2018 Best-in-Class Accounting Software: Taking a Client’s Business to the Next Level



Located in the heart of a diverse farming community, P&N provides advanced services that help clients evolve in one of the most fundamental industries in the world. Our client was established as an agricultural marketing cooperative to serve a specific community of crop growers and mills. With over 800 growers and 8 mills, our client provides product marketing, administers receipt and distribution of funds flowing through the cooperative, and manages the interests of the business and the cooperative.

Our client’s team maintains a focus on meeting the evolving needs of the cooperative by establishing and maintaining best practices, processes, and technology. To this end, our client raised concerns to P&N that its current accounting system was no longer supported by the product vendor. Conversations with the client uncovered additional pain points including:

  • Manual processes and over-reliance on spreadsheets
  • Lack of robust reporting and visibility to drive decision making
  • Concerns for data integrity in the system of record
  • No access to data from remote locations
  • Difficulty in adapting to new business requirements

The detailed review of our processes that P&N provided was one of the best descriptions of what we do.


P&N helped our client identify their overall vision, strategic objectives and requirements for a new system. The client envisioned a new reality where a single, robust system would support both the accounting and operational needs of the organization by:

  • Automating the day-to-day tasks that had grown cumbersome and costly
  • Providing one-click reporting and dashboards, to easily get real-time updates
  • Supporting one source of truth for data
  • Allowing for anytime, anywhere access to financial data
  • Delivering functionality to would keep up with the organization’s growth and complexity

P&N identified Sage Intacct as the ideal solution to address the client’s business requirements and challenges and allow their vision to become a reality. Sage Intacct, the best-in-class cloud accounting software, would support automation of the organization’s core processes, multiple entities, remote team members and real-time visibility of data.

P&N’s team used a multi-stage methodology below to implement the solution. This consistent and thorough approach helped make sure our client’s implementation was completed efficiently and started to drive business value immediately.


project solution method



Like many organizations, our client had adopted a system that over time, trapped them in the past. This in-turn created a struggle with outdated architecture, functional limitations, unnecessary risks, and the costs of not being able to gain real-time visibility into the organization’s financial and operational key performance indicators. In implementing Sage Intacct, our client has begun to experience many benefits including increased accuracy and predictability of data; elimination of wasted time and redundancy; increased productivity; proactive management of the business; and ultimately a better experience for the members of the cooperative.

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