Consulting Services, Technology Services • Published 4/06/2020 Nonprofit Crisis Management: 7 Things You Can Do Right Now
by J. Christian Weydert 


Last updated on 4/6/2020

In recent events, nonprofits have been faced with uncertainty on two fronts—a worldwide public health crisis and worldwide economic contraction. Organizations must respond proactively with a crisis management plan in order to secure funding for continued operations. It is critical that nonprofits take stock of their current financial situation. You need to see the full picture of where your organization stands financially so you can remain flexible and respond swiftly to the changing needs in your community.

Since the economic downturn is likely to cause a decline in donations, it is more important than ever to engage with your donors and show them the concrete results that prove how your programs are valuable. This article focuses on seven things you can do right now to help you develop a crisis management plan to trim unnecessary expenses, review programs, and step up donor engagement.

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