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Technology Services • Published 12/02/2016 Protecting Trade Secrets


Trade secrets are just that, supposed to be kept secret. That’s why it is important for organizations to take steps to protect against trade secret theft. With the recent passage of The Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016, it is a good time for your clients to reevaluate their trade secret protections.

Don't think your clients have trade secrets?

Often times, businesses aren’t aware of trade secrets they own. This could include specific processes, compilations, customer lists, formulas, etc.

Tech & Trade Secrets

An often-overlooked risk in protecting trade secrets is technology. At P&N, we can help your clients discover the loss, theft or misuse of trade secrets and implement safeguards to protect sensitive information.

Things Your Clients Should Do Now

  • Inventory company’s trade secrets
  • Update employment and confidentiality agreements
  • Evaluate technology systems that protect confidentiality of trade secrets
  • Develop a response plan

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