Consulting Services, Technology Services • Published 5/20/2020 Protecting Your Financial Data in the Cloud
by J. Christian Weydert 


Last updated on 5/20/2020

When it comes to your financial data, safety and accessibility are paramount. Contrary to some beliefs, utilizing a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider can actually improve your data security compared to on-premises systems. Today, modern SaaS considers the bigger picture with data, including networks, applications, physical storage, vendor management, and regulatory compliance, each with their own precautionary measures. Data accessibility is supported with privacy policies to protect data as well as plans for proper data disposal. As a best-in-class cloud financial management solution, Sage Intacct is a SaaS provider that was born on the internet and continues to foster a strong culture of security with dedicated and certified personnel to handle data with the highest level of integrity.

Explore the full article, Security: Protecting Data Value, to learn which elements of safety and accessibility are important to SaaS providers such as Sage Intacct.

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