Article Sage 100: Keys to Year-End Success


The end of the year is almost here, and the seemingly endless tasks can be overwhelming. Make sure you know the keys to year-end success to unlock a more efficient and prosperous New Year.

Our team recently held a Keys to Year-End Success Seminar to help guide participants through the year-end preparations and tackle the end of year. We wanted to share with you the information that was presented so you have the same tips to complete your year-end tasks with efficiency

Accounts Payable and Payroll Year-End Checklists

Nothing feels better than completing a checklist, and the P&N team has created an easy-to-follow list for you. From verifying the accuracy of 1099 amounts to generating W-2s, our list has you covered. For a full checklist, download our year-end presentation.

  • Follow P&N’s list for a successful year end: Check.

Important Year-End Dates

Mark your calendar for these important dates. The IRS recommends providing these documents early to reduce the number of filed corrections required, and we recommend this practice too.


Due Date

1099-MISC box 7 – Vendor Copy 1/31/2018
1096 & 1099-MISC box 7 – Federal Filing 1/31/2018
W-2 – Employee Copy 1/31/2018
W-3 & W-2 – Federal Filing 1/31/2018
940 & 941 – Federal Filing 1/31/2018
1099-MISC all other boxes, paper forms only – Federal Filing 2/28/2018
1096 & 1099-MISC Electronic – Federal Filing  4/2/2018

Sage 100 Tax Table Update

If you use Sage 100, do you need assistance installing the latest tax table update? The P&N team is here to help.

The tax table update is an essential end-of-year step for those who run payroll, and it needs to be completed prior to the first 2018 payroll. If you need assistance installing these updates, simply contact the P&N team at to schedule a time for the updates.

Timesaving Tips

Everyone could use some extra time, and with these tips, you are bound to become more efficient in many areas of your job. Here are a few timesaving tips:

  • Avoid the time consuming hassle of organizing, formatting, printing, and mailing by utilizing Aatrix. Aatrix can print and mail/e-mail your year-end forms. Contact the P&N team at to get started with Aatrix.
  • Avoid paper cuts - go paperless! Paperless Office automatically generates PDFs within Sage 100, including journal, registers, customer invoices, employee/vendor remittance advices, and more.
  • F2-F4 could be your new best friend. No, this isn’t a cousin of R2D2! F2-F4  is an essential keyboard shortcut that any Sage user should be using for faster master list lookups and data entry. Download the presentation below to learn more about how ALT, TAB, SPACEBAR, ENTER, and more can save you time.

New Features in Sage

Little things make a big difference, and you’ll notice a big improvement in Sage from all the little, new features. Larger font sizes, modernized user interface, improved exports, and enhanced security options are just a few ways your job will get easier. Additional improvements include:

  • Beanworks: A new integrated Sage solution that significantly advances AP Automation.
  • Payroll 2.0: Improvements include modernized interface, payroll history, enhanced memo function, and the list goes on.
  • Sage Fixed Assets: Manage the entire life cycle of fixed assets.
  • Intacct: Sage has acquired Intacct, the best-in-class financial cloud ERP. Intacct provides better integration, automation, and visibility for your day-to-day functions and is the only accounting solution endorsed by the AICPA!

Keys to Year-End Success Video & Slides

If you were unable to attend our Keys to Year-End Success Seminar, or would like to reference the information shared, download the presentation slides or watch the recorded video.  Click below to access both the presentation slides and the video. 

Download Presentation Slides

Here to Help

We want to hear about the areas of the business that you and your team are looking to improve over the next year. If you need assistance with your year-end checklist, upgrading your tax table, changes to Sage, or other areas of improvement, contact the P&N team at

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