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Technology Services • Published 8/08/2018 Why You Need a World-Class IT Policy


Enforce standardization and mitigate risk across your organization.

In regulated industries, IT policies can make or break organizations. Companies that successfully manage their policies will better mitigate risks and position themselves for success. Those that don’t will risk lawsuits, fines and loss of reputation.

Policy enforces standardization

Without policy, companies have no standards to follow. What information is okay to share publicly? What websites and apps are employees allowed to access? IT policy sets expectations for employee behavior.

Policy drives equality

Let’s say a company’s IT policy is unclear. What if two employees commit the same offense, but only one gets terminated because the other generates more revenue? What if the terminated employee proves this in a lawsuit against the company? A clearly communicated policy helps enforce impartiality and equality across the organization.

A pro can fill in your policy gaps

A highly-trained tech consultant can write a custom IT policy for your organization. These experts keep up with major industry regulations and update polices as they evolve. Avoid one-size-fits-all plans and seek a partner who will assess your policy, evaluate your risk, fill in your gaps and deliver a world-class IT policy.

P&N’s Technology Services Group knows IT policies and we’re here to empower you with expert insight. If your IT policy needs evaluating, updating, or even creating, P&N can help.

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