Control & Risk

Managing risk within an organization is crucial for success. By complying with policies, laws and regulations, and set processes, companies can focus on growing their businesses while minimizing operational or procedural risks. P&N has a depth of resources to provide value-added control and risk advisory services to help your organization identify, understand, and manage your risks.

Our Approach

Our team combines extensive experience in internal controls, risk management, regulatory compliance, and computer technology to provide organizations with a full range of control and risk advisory services. We evaluate the efficiency and compliance of your organization to identify key risks and help you prevent and detect fraud.

P&N's control and risk advisory services include:

  • Risk Assessment Facilitation: P&N's control and risk advisory team can assist your organization in developing a risk assessment methodology in order to identify high risk areas and suggest internal audit coverage based on your risk profile.
  • Enterprise Risk Management Facilitation: Enterprise risk management is a strategic process that identifies and addresses risks across all areas of an organization. P&N helps your organization implement processes to maximize the balance between growth, returns, risks, uncertainties and opportunities.
  • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse Services: P&N has a depth of resources to help your organization with fraud prevention and deterrence, continuous improvement of anti-fraud controls, and fraud detection and monitoring. P&N is focused on fraud prevention and detection, so you can focus on business.
  • Financial Process and Performance Improvement Reviews: Organizations are often too busy or too involved in a process to objectively determine the best steps for process improvement. P&N can thoroughly review and evaluate your business processes to make informed recommendations.
  • Contract Compliance: P&N can work with your organization to assist in evaluating compliance with selected contract terms and conditions, including vendor compliance with your organization's contracts and your organization's compliance with third-party contracts.

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