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Our governmental services consulting team offers high-quality, client-centric professional advisory services and innovative business solutions to public sector entities. We provide a full scope of services to large programs, including those funded by federal relief (ARPA, CARES, FEMA-PA/IA, and HUD-CDBG/CDSG) to recover from significant declared disasters in recent history. As strategic advisors, we help our clients optimize, streamline, and enhance project performance and operational efficiency while maintaining compliance with Uniform Guidance as well as individual program regulations.

With over 550 total staff and four decades of exposure to federal, state, and local government agencies, P&N has the capacity, talent, and capability to design and scale tailored strategies to quickly address the unique challenges our clients endure. We have helped over 100 governmental and public sector clients with our experienced team of project managers, accountants, auditors, internal control specialists, fraud examiners, IT specialists, and former federal and state employees.

P&N provides the following governmental consulting services:

School-based Medicaid reimbursements:

School-based Medicaid reimbursements are a critical element of funding for states. However, Medicaid compliance policies are complex and evolving, and many states are utilizing outdated policies and programs that leave them underfunded. States have the opportunity to implement changes to their Medicaid State Plans to increase federal reimbursements for school-based programs, with the goal of improving both educational outcomes and health outcomes for children in their states.

P&N is one of the country's largest Certified Public Accounting and consulting firms, with a history of working with state agencies and school districts that spans more than 50 years. Over the last 20 years, P&N has earned a national reputation through its work with school-based Medicaid claiming.

P&N works with states to review Medicaid State Plans and recommend changes designed to increase school-based reimbursements. Specifically, P&N can help in the following areas:

  • Redesigning Medicaid state plans to increase allowable services offered in schools, based on evolving CMS guidance
  • Helping states transition from fee-for-service billing to cost-based reimbursement
  • Designing, developing, and implementing monitoring and compliance initiatives
  • Cost reporting and cost allocation services
  • Adopting new CMS rules
  • Medicaid State Plan monitoring and compliance
  • Time study administration
  • Cost report review
  • Audit program development and support

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