State & Local Income Tax

With the myriad of statutory and regulatory responsibilities, state and local taxes can pose complex challenges for businesses. Without meeting the applicable tax obligations, your company could face serious penalties. Alternatively, your business could be passing up incentives, credits, and benefits offered through your state and local community.

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Our Approach

Our team of state and local tax (SALT) professionals can help you address state and local tax burdens. At P&N, we can work with your business to help ensure your objectives and positions are achievable while complying with your state's applicable tax laws and rules. Specifically, our skilled professionals work to help you minimize your state and local taxes liability.

P&N's state and local income tax compliance services include:

  • Refunds & Credits: We can help you identify potential refunds on overpayment of sales and use taxes.
  • Audit Review: Our team can help you respond to audits and review findings to help minimize potential tax obligations.
  • Voluntary Disclosure Services: We can help you proactively report potential sales and use tax underpayments to minimize penalties and interest.
  • Diagnostic: P&N can review your tax compliance processes and policies to report findings and observations for efficiencies and potential tax savings.
  • Manuals: We can prepare written manuals or matrices that cover sales and use taxes for your purchases and sales.
  • Consulting: Our team can respond to day to day sales tax transactions or tax implications for large purchases.
  • Education and Training: We can provide education and training to your staff on specific state and local tax issues and best practices for procedures.
  • Incentives: P&N can help you identify available tax incentives for anticipated projects and assist in preparing necessary forms and schedules.

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