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CYBERVEIL® Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is a streamlined cybersecurity service designed to work with your IT team, complementing your internal efforts with our decades of technical experience and holistic approach. P&N’s CYBERVEIL® MDR provides robust threat detection strategies, such as honeypot options to tempt attackers into revealing themselves. We monitor, identify, quarantine, and notify your team when threats arise.



IT department lacks
staff and training

A team of cybersecurity analysts with decades of experience

Limited access
to modern tools

Cutting-edge, AI-driven technology stack, managed by professionals

Sorting through notifications
to find “true threats”

Continuous monitoring, analysis, and isolation of anomalies and attacks

Timely, effective remediation
is out of reach

Actionable recommendations based upon current cybersecurity best practices and the severity of each threat

Cutting-Edge Technology

CYBERVEIL® MDR is built on a proven AI-driven technology stack, with endpoint activity collected from all endpoints, regardless of location. Endpoint data is coupled with AI-analyzed perimeter network traffic, which allows our MDR SOC analysts to threat hunt with a holistic view of network and system-level information.

Our platform is comprised of the following components:

  • Endpoint detection agents
  • Network perimeter monitoring and analysis
  • Honeypot/deceptive traps
  • Custom tuned endpoint process and event ingestion and analysis
  • Constant threat hunting
  • AI-driven threat analysis
  • Cloud SIEM
  • Experienced SOC analysts
  • Ingestion of process execution, authorization activity and other critical events
  • Customized remediation and incident response recommendations
  • Traffic monitoring for botnet Command and Control (C2) traffic

Experienced Cybersecurity Analysts

Our team’s deep understanding of cybersecurity is showcased when a threat is identified. MDR SOC analysts with decades of technical experience validate each threat by gathering context related to the alert from your endpoints and to assess severity. Then, we’ll only report the true threats, privilege escalation, system pivots, and lateral movement in your network to recommend remediation actions that your IT team, or our staff on your behalf, can easily implement.  

When the technology stack is combined with P&N’s cloud security information and event management (SIEM) and our cybersecurity analysts, CYBERVEIL® MDR can help uncover threats within your network and systems regardless of location or asset type. P&N’s CYBERVEIL® MDR clients are able to identify threats and respond quickly without having to build and staff their own enterprise-grade SOC.

Waiting for a Data Breach is Waiting Too Long

Most companies discover they have been breached when it is too late. Valuable data, along with the organization’s reputation, has already been compromised. CYBERVEIL® MDR can detect a breach before the attackers establish a foothold. By presenting honeypots that appear to be a legitimate part of the network and seem to contain information of value to attackers, we leverage their own behavior to better monitor and isolate their activities, ultimately blocking their attempts and correcting security deficiencies.

Our monitored honeypot options include:

  • SMB domain listener
  • Windows folder
  • Kerberos roasting
  • Website URL access
  • SQL server database access
  • DNS host name
  • Word/PDF file access
  • EXE/DLL execution

Additional Cybersecurity Services

CYBERVEIL® MDR is a streamlined suite of services and protection. P&N can also provide additional support to complement your IT department’s capabilities:

  • Managed Edge firewall services
  • IT security program development
  • Penetration testing/Social engineering/Vulnerability assessments
  • Business continuity/incident response plan development
  • Incident response/breach remediation services
  • Cybersecurity breach triage/forensic services

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