Thermographic Cameras

New technology for a post-pandemic workplace

Workplace safety looks different now. As businesses prepare for a return to the office, many are considering precautions to help protect their teams in our “new normal.” Thermographic cameras can detect elevated skin-surface temperature, so you can identify anyone entering your office who may have a fever—one of the first, key signs of COVID-19.

No-contact thermal screening

Thermographic cameras offer immediate, no-contact detection. These checkpoints are shown to be efficient, highly accurate, and quick to set up at entrances to offices, healthcare facilities, schools and other building entrances.

Thermographic Camera Checkpoints

The cameras can detect up to 30 persons at a time, at a distance of 5 to 22 feet. The system is constantly scanning as people enter the checkpoint, and notifies operators immediately upon detecting an abnormal temperature so that additional screening may take place. Whether your organization needs temporary or long-term checkpoints, this technology can be adapted to support your efforts to safeguard your employees as they return to the office in greater numbers.

A one-stop solution

P&N Technology Services can assess your needs and create a customized package for your organization. We'll help you select and implement thermographic cameras and systems so that you can stay focused on re-entry.

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