P&N is now EisnerAmper

Effective May 21, 2023, P&N has joined EisnerAmper. Read the full announcement here.


Alexander Keeler

Skilled software developer backed by veteran technical skills. Experienced in developing online apps using the .NET framework. Repeated success designing high-integrity business intelligence solutions, supporting critical business areas, organizing key stakeholders, and supervising junior developer teammates. Passion for technology and all its uses. Curious, innovative thinker, eager to explore new technologies for the right results. Remains calm under pressure of deadlines and urgent issues. Utilizes knowledge and tools to solve problems quickly and effectively.


Eagle Scout – As a teenager, I worked through the ranks, completing everything from merit badges to activity requirements to organizing a minor construction project to earn my Eagle Scout rank. I proudly carry my eagle scout card with my in my wallet today.

Musician – I was in the marching band in high school. I played baritone and euphonium. I was also in the LSU Tiger band all four years getting my computer science degree playing Tuba. So if you’ve got a company band going, I can lend my expertise.

Gamer – One of my favorite pastimes is video gaming. I play dozens of new games every year. I grew up with classics like Donkey Kong Country and Mega Man X. The Mass Effect series is one of my favorite series of games ever, and my favorite game to just sit down and play with my brother, no matter how many times we’ve played through it, is Terraria.

Mountain Biking – I might not look like the most athletic person, but I love going on bike rides. Especially when it involves roller-coaster-like mountain biking trails. There aren’t many in Houston, but if you know where to go, you can find some that are even more fun than over in the hill country.

Dungeons and Dragons - I am the GM (game master who creates the story and runs the game) for a weekly D&D group with friends. With careful planning and game-design improvisational skills, I make a fun session for all.

  • Education & Certifications
    • Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD): App Builder
    • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Cum Laude, Louisiana State University
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