Associate Director

Stephen Blitz


Stephen Blitz, CPA, is an Associate Director in the P&N Tax Services Group. He joined the firm in 2015.

For more than 10 years, Stephen has worked with many companies at minimizing their tax liabilities and ensuring compliance, by assisting companies in identifying and qualifying for new tax credits, maximizing allowable deductible expenses, and taking a holistic tax planning approach. Industries that he has worked heavily with include creative economies, manufacturing, marine industry, oil and gas service, real estate and restaurants. He is heavily involved with complex partnerships that experiences changes of ownership, targeted or preferred allocations and/or are involved in mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, he has substantial experiences working with closely held S corporations and high net-worth individuals. 

Stephen has extensive experience in assisting client with planning and tax compliance for the Affordable Care Act and has been a frequent speaker with many organizations over the years on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and new tax law changes, including the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Stephen is a past Treasurer of Congregation Beth Israel. 

Stephen's Articles
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