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November 10, 2017 P&N Launches CYBERVEIL: Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Solution for Businesses

Rachael Higginbotham, Marketing Director

Baton Rouge, LA



With an alarming number of sophisticated threats targeting businesses, companies today need skilled cybersecurity protection. Without proper security protocols in place, organizations are at higher risk for financial loss, theft, misuse of information and reputational damage.

In our ongoing efforts to address clients’ technology challenges, P&N is pleased to announce the release of our CYBERVEILTM Security solution, a full suite of cybersecurity and forensic services. With CYBERVEILTM P&N helps clients identify, protect, monitor and respond to cyber threats.

CYBERVEILTM is ideal for organizations which have suffered a data breach, companies lacking IT staff with specific cybersecurity expertise, or those concerned their IT security programs are not as sophisticated as the ever-evolving cyber threats. CYBERVEILTM provides clients with a full-scope, fully customizable approach to 24/7 cyber monitoring and protection.   

“P&N’s Technology Services Group is on the cutting edge of tech developments. Cybersecurity is one of the greatest risks to our clients, and with more than fifteen years of focusing on information security and data protection, this solution evolved based on our clients’ needs and regulatory environments. We believe it’s a clearer path for clients needing specific expertise in cybersecurity and risk management,” says Michael Richmond, CISSP, Director of Technology Services for P&N.

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