P&N is now EisnerAmper

Effective May 21, 2023, P&N has joined EisnerAmper. Read the full announcement here.


Solving complex business problems so that healthcare companies can focus on health. 

The business of healthcare is constantly changing, and organizations continue to face the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In a world of staffing shortages, shifting patient demographics, evolving technologies, increased regulatory pressures, intensified competition, and billing complexities, healthcare organizations face a myriad of challenges. This changing landscape means you need a strategic advisor to help you make sense of your finances and operations, allowing you to focus on providing quality patient care.

From hospitals and healthcare systems to outpatient facilities, physician groups and sole practitioners, we work with a wide range of healthcare clients. As a healthcare organization, you must carefully balance your finances, operations, priorities, and resources. At P&N, we understand this balance and work with our healthcare clients to tackle their toughest financial and operational challenges.

Our team can assist your organization with challenges like maintaining compliance and internal controls, protecting sensitive health data, and managing COVID-19 funding received. P&N is active in the healthcare community, positioning ourselves at the cutting edge of the industry so we can help our clients make informed business decisions that drive recovery and reduce risk.

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